Why You Should Cover Your AC Unit for the Winter Months

Although AC units are built to last the harsh weather months of Colorado, there are several ways to
protect your AC unit to prolong the life of your AC unit beyond winter and for several years. Here are a
few tips from Pure Air Solutions for you to think about when it comes to covering and persevering your
AC unit during the cold winter months.

A basic cover that is breathable will help keep blowing leaves and debris that fly around during the fall
and winter months. These materials can get caught up and stuck in your condenser and fan unit causing
it to burn out if too much debris builds up over time.

A cover will also protect the unit from becoming encased in heavy snow that can accumulate over the
harsh months of snow and ice. Too much snow sitting on a condenser unit for too long could cause
damage to the unit over time. Covering and protecting the unit will keep this from happening, a thin
layer of frost will not cause much harm but keep it protected form heavy layers of snow.

Another thing to consider when covering your ac unit up for the winter months is falling icicles and
other items that could fall from the roof. If ice or hail damage hits the fans just right it can damage the
unit causing costly repairs down the road.

Lastly, using the proper cover can keep out water that can sit in the unit causing damage over time and
pooling in the system or causing damage again to the fins.

A good recommendation for a cover would be to consider these things:
-use breathable material
-put plywood over the top of the unit only to protect from snow and ice, do not put extra heavy material
on top such as bricks or rocks.
-installing an awning or shelter above the unit would cover it for protection from the elements
-plant shrubs around the unit to protect from harsh winds and debris. Make sure the right clearance is
given for safety regulations.

Keep your unit protected over the winter and consider some of these recommendations from Pure Air
Solutions today. As always, we are here when those unforeseen circumstances occur. We are happy to help you today!

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