Why You Need a Whole-Home Humidifier

Wintertime comfort is more of a priority than we realize. When the temperatures outside begin to drop, you reach for a warm cup of coffee or curl up with a heavy blanket and your favorite book. Much of what we do is, at least in part, due to the desire to stay comfortable when it’s cold outside. At Pure Air Solutions, we value your comfort as much as you do. As Colorado’s Top Rated Local® HVAC company, we normally perform furnace installations and furnace repairs around this time of year, but you may not know that we also perform many whole-home humidifier installations. In today’s post, we’ll explain why you should make a whole-home humidifier installation a priority this winter.

The Benefits of a Whole-Home Humidifier

Dryness Relief

As a Coloradan, you know that we live in a remarkably dry state. Maybe you suffer from dry, cracked hands as the temperatures dip into the single digits, or perhaps your scalp dries out quickly as the fall transitions into winter. If you suffer from the effects of seasonal dryness, then you should seriously consider installing a whole-home humidifier. Much like your thermostat, a home humidifier works by adding extra moisture to the air when your home’s humidity level drops below a certain level. Your humidity needs may vary throughout the year, but you’ll notice a substantial difference in your symptoms after several months of consistent use.

Better Sleep 

Your home’s humidity levels and your quality of sleep are connected in a somewhat roundabout way. Humid air is perceived as warmer than dry air, and there’s almost nothing better than going to bed in a warm, comfortable room when it’s lightly snowing outside. Moreover, snoring is often exacerbated by dry airways, and many people find that their symptoms peak during the winter. If you are regularly woken up throughout the night due to your own snoring, or your partner’s snoring, then running a whole-home humidifier could help you get a better night’s rest.

Lower Energy Bills

The EPA reports that you can lower your monthly heating bill by up to four percent for every degree your thermostat is turned down. We noted above that humid air feels warmer than dry air, and this fact can actually save you money each time you open your utility bill. If a whole-home humidifier allows you to turn your thermostat three or four degrees below where you normally have it, then you could save a substantial amount of money throughout the winter. Like many HVAC upgrades, a whole-home humidifier has short-term comfort gains and long-term financial payoffs to consider.

Home Preservation

Do you have hardwood floors, fine art, or instruments in your home? We’re betting that you answered “yes” to at least one. Everything in your home is an investment of some kind, and you should always take steps to protect the things you’ve purchased with your hard-earned money. If you don’t want your hardwood floors to dry out or your instruments to be damaged by severe dryness, then a whole-home humidifier is an ideal solution.

These are just four of the reasons why you should invest in a whole-home humidifier. If you would like to request a quote for your home, then click on the button below to get started!

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