Whole House Humidifer Installation Henderson CO

Whole House Humidifier Henderson CO


Many times in the winter months home owners will simply fill a tank of water and fill the air with moisture and use an old fashion humidifier to put moisture in the air. Why not have a whole house humidifier installation completed that will connect directly to the furnace installed in your home?  There are four major benefits of installing a whole house humidifier.

Top 4 reasons to have a whole house humidifier installed

First of all the winter moths are known for colds, flu and other viruses running rampant.  A humidifier installed an environment where viruses tend to not live in.  Keeping a cold dry environment viruses tend to thrive more causing one to get colds and flus more often.

Secondly,  dry air can cause dry sore throats, aggravated asthma, stuffy noses and aggravated allergies. By installing a whole house humidifier with your furnace installation you can help alleviate these symptoms of a dry air home.

Next, by owning a humidifier it can help preserve the wood and other parts of your home. Dry air tends to damage many things that could be in your home of importance such as wood, art work, flooring, paint, and electronics.

Lastly, to have a whole house humidifier installed with your furnace installation , the humidity produced by the humidifier can cause the air to feel warmer when maintained, but able to keep the temperature at a lower than average temperature.  Which can cause, you the home owner to save up to 4% a year on your utility bills.


Don’t wait! Call Pure Air Solutions  we offer whole house humidifier installation in every furnace installation service that we offer. Call us today for a free in home estimate for all of your indoor quality needs.  Family owned and operated and in the industry for 20 years. Our knowledgeable team will get you what you need today.

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