Ways to keep your AC cost low this Summer

The days of summer are upon us here in Colorado, school is getting out and kids are home.  Backyard parties and pool dates are on the summer line up.  You have the kids summer schedule all planned out and vacations scheduled. We hope you are finding fun ways to stay cool,  now, let the good times roll!!

But wait, have you thought about your AC unit and how to save a few dollars this summer to put into things you love to do??? Pure Air Solutions has several tips available to help you save some hard-earned money this summer that you can use for something more fun than cooling your house.  The following tips will help save you money this summer and lower your energy bill.

Use a ceiling fan

Installing a simple ceiling fan purchased at Home Depot or Lowes and running it throughout the day can help push the hot air down and circulate the cool air in your home ultimately helping to move around the cool air.  Also, installing an attic fan will help to suck out the hot air trapped in the roof of your home.  The combination of both fans will create the most ideal energy saving and efficient system in your home. This in turn can help keep your ac costs to stay down.

Running your AC unit more economically

Setting your ac unit at one temperature during the day could cause your AC unit to run less frequently.  Maintaining a consistent temperature in your home around the clock will cause less wear and tear on your ac unit and to maintain a constant cool temperature around the clock. If you lower your AC unit during the day and then kick it up in the morning before the heat of the day sets in, you are causing your unit to run longer and more often, which will result in an increase in your bill, because it has to run longer to get back to the ideal temperature you prefer.  Also, kicking up the ac unit one to two degrees higher than your comfortable temperature could also save your dollars on your monthly cooling bill.

Close curtains and blinds during the heat of the day

Closing curtains and blinds and shutting windows during the heat of the day will help save money too. By letting no light or heat in during the afternoon hours when sun is the hottest you are eliminating extra heat from entering your home.  This in time will save you money by not allowing extra cool air to escape or have to combat the sun of the summer afternoon heat.  Lining your windows and making sure they are efficiently sealing in air will also help keep the bills low this summer.

Proper AC maintenance

Last but not least, properly maintaining and cleaning your AC unit every summer is one of the best ways to make sure your AC unit is running properly and efficiently.  Pure Air Solutions offers summer tune ups on your ac unit. We will make sure all parts are in good working shape and functioning properly.  Giving you the best results from your ac unit all summer long. Rest assured your ac unit will be functioning in tip top shape with a full maintenance check today.

Integrating these money saving tips immediately will help you see results in your electric bill.  Enjoy your summer playing rather the paying for you to be cool!

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