5 Tips to Hire an HVAC Contractor

Your furnace just broke, you just got your tax return, or you know it’s simply just time to replace your
30-year- old furnace unit. Where do you turn and how do you decide who to hire to do the job? The
age-old recommendation is to get three quotes and compare them and make your decision. But, have
you ever thought about what things to look for besides price?

Sufficient Experience

Many HVAC companies that want to hire and keep trained professionals will offer on the job training
and apprentice positions. Having a 25-year veteran is not always necessary when hiring a company to
do the job. But, do make sure that the technicians do have some background knowledge and some
education or formal training when it comes to hiring a tech to do the job. Also, a couple of years
working in the field will help make the decision a little bit easier for you knowing they have some
background work in the field.

Proper Credentials

When hiring a reputable company that can back a job in any situation, make sure to look for licensing
and insurance requirements before making your decision. If the company has insurance to cover
anything that may happen and can show a license for the city you reside, you are best to go with this
contractor. You will have more peace of mind that they have everything in place to get the job done
right and approved with all necessary city and county requirements in place.


Hiring an HVAC company that is versatile in working with all major brands and types of HVAC systems
will ensure that you are getting expert service for any need. Companies that can also offer other
services such as hot water heat, boiler and radiant heat is a plus.

References and Reviews

Nothing better than knowing a company comes highly recommended by a friend or relative. If you
search google on most companies you should be able to read reviews about the history and track record
of the company. Also, using your neighbors HVAC company that came highly recommend you are sure
not to lose.


Making sure not to take the lowest bid can sometimes make all the difference in the world. Cheaper
does not always mean better. When collecting quotes and looking at all of the above options if the
lowest quote can offer all of the above, then it is a give in. Otherwise, do your homework and make sure
you are paying for experience, expertise and peace of mind. It will go a long way!

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