How to prepare your furnace for the winter months

Summer is winding down and the kids are heading back to school.  The weather will start changing soon and if you are a Colorado native, you know the chances of snow in September is very possible. Pure Air Solutions, wants to make sure you are ready to head up the winter months and have your furnace ready to take on the cold winter months ahead.

Here is a list of things to check for when getting your furnace started up:

  1. Have your furnace checked out every year. Here at Pure Air Solutions we offer a preventative maintenance plan that gives you a winter furnace tune up every year.  We will check all the working parts and blow out and clean any dust and debris that may have been collected over the summer and spring months.  A proper inspection and thorough cleaning will help maintain the unit longer and cause it to work more efficiently.
  2. Replacing the air filter quarterly will help to maintain the unit as well, make sure the filter is taken out and replaced to keep the air blowing through it efficiently. When the filter gets clogged it can drag down the furnace and cause it to get blocked and not work as well as it normally should.
  3. Oil the burner and blower motor so that it turns and rotates sharply and quickly. When these parts rundown or do not run properly it can be cause for damage to the unit down the road. When they are not working effectively, over time they can burn out causing a service call for repair down the road. Sometimes these repairs can end up being quite costly for the homeowner.
  4. Check to make sure your thermostat is working and connected to your unit. If the thermostat is not connected or hooked up properly the unit will not connect or read what it is supposed to be doing and will not come on correctly or at all.  Make sure the thermostat is hooked up and has batteries, if not make sure to have it replaced.  Most thermostats are universal and can be found at local hardware stores.
  5. Check your vents to make sure they are open. Many times throughout the year we open and close our vents due to moving furniture or wanting to change the air flow throughout our home. If you walk your home and make sure all the vents are open and clear then you can ensure the air flow in your home is at an optimum level.

Although many of these options are easy to do on your own.  The trusted professionals at Pure Air Solutions can come over and perform a yearly maintenance tune up on your furnace to make sure all the working parts and unit itself are working properly. Any amount of maintenance that can be done on the unit will only benefit your home in the future.

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