HVAC Myths — Part II

Does cranking your air conditioning unit up during the summer cool your home faster than leaving it where it was? Will adding duct tape to your ventilation system improve your home’s insulation? At Pure Air Solutions, we know that it can be difficult to find reliable information about HVAC maintenance. We busted a few of the most common myths our HVAC technicians have encountered in a previous post, and in today’s post, we’ll continue to bust some of the prominent HVAC misconceptions we hear and read.

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HVAC Myths

Turning Your Thermostat Up or Down Will Heat or Cool Your Home Quickly 

After returning home from a long bike ride or day at the pool, it can be incredibly tempting to turn your air conditioning unit as high as possible in order to cool your home down quickly. However, your air conditioner can only work so hard — your home will reach your desired temperature at the same rate it takes to reach any temperature. Turning your thermostat down to 50 degrees will just make your air conditioner cycle on and off more than it otherwise would, eventually wearing down the internal mechanisms. If you don’t want to invest in HVAC maintenance every year to fix wear and tear caused by improper use, then keep your thermostat at the same temperature and try placing a few fans around your home.

Closing Your Vents Leads to Higher Efficiency

This a myth we often hear from homeowners who don’t use many of the rooms in their homes. If you have a spare bedroom or office, then it would seemingly make sense to close off the vents in that room in order to redirect warm and cold air to other areas of the home. However, this isn’t quite how your duct system works. Closing your vents creates pressure inside of the ventilation system, and consistently high pressure in your ducts can lead to leaks and even breaks in your ventilation seams. If you’re wanting to only heat and cool certain rooms in your home, a better solution is to invest in a thermostat that can selectively target certain rooms.

Duct Tape is Ideal for Ducts

This myth is one that doesn’t seem like it could possibly be false — duct tape was created for ducts, right? Yes and no. Duct tape’s original purpose was to act as a duct sealant, but advances in HVAC technology have rendered the use of duct tape for duct sealing ineffective. Your ducts will outlive the lifespan of duct tape by several generations, and duct tape can also create dust buildups inside your ventilation system. The best way to insulate your ducts is to call an HVAC maintenance expert for professional help.

Space Heaters Are a Good Alternative to Gas Heating Systems

This is one of the myths we often hear from college students who are looking to save money on their monthly heating bills during the winter. Your roommates are probably working and attending study groups during the week, and you may not see them often on the weekends if they enjoy going to the parties around campus. Using a personal space heater to heat only the rooms you’re using might seem like a great idea, but it’s actually more expensive to use electricity than gas in Colorado. Space heaters might heat a room more quickly than your home’s heating system, but don’t expect them to lower your utility bills.

We hope that this post has helped to clarify any of the myths you’ve heard about HVAC systems. We’ll continue to explore this topic in future posts, providing you with the information you need in order to be a well-informed consumer. If you’re looking for HVAC maintenance, repairs, or installations in Denver and the surrounding areas, then contact one of the HVAC technicians from Pure Air Solutions!

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