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Heating Installation: Safety Measures You Must Follow

During the cold seasons, as many people install heating sources to warm up from the cold, more fire accidents occur.  Here are the basic safety measures to prevent fire accidents.

  • Turn smoke detectors on.

Nobody can tell when a fire accident will happen, so it is very important to always turn the smoke detectors around the house on. Regularly check the smoke detectors and see if it still works effectively. You can do this by blowing smoke from a match or a candle to the device to see whether the detector makes a sound. If a detector begins chirping intermittently, that means it is losing power. Replace it with a new battery immediately.

  • Make the fire extinguisher easily accessible.

Place your fire extinguisher anywhere in the house, making sure it’s easily accessible. Keep it charged at all times. However, in case of a major fire, don’t rely on your extinguisher, especially if you’re the only one in the house. Just get out immediately with the other members of the family. Then, immediately call the fire department.

  • Organize family fire drills.

Fire drills are a necessity for every family. Every member of the family should know exactly what to do and where to go once the fire detector sounds. There should be at least two exits out of a room. If the exits include the windows, prepare the necessary equipment like a rope or a ladder for escape, especially from the second-story floor of the house.

  • Memorize the fire emergency number.

Everyone in the family should be able to memorize the fire emergency number as well as the complete address of the house to indicate during the emergency call.

  • Hire a company for proper heating installation.

Fire accidents can be highly prevented if all heating sources are installed correctly and safely. Pureairsolutionsllc.com is known for our safe heating installation procedures. Visit our website to learn more about our heating installation service Brighton CO.

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