Getting the Most out of Your Air Conditioning System

The Colorado weather is warming up, and there’s no doubt about it — summer is on its way. In today’s post, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know in order to make the most of your air conditioning system when the weather is at its hottest.

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Clean Your Condenser

If your air conditioner has a condenser, one of the best ways that you keep your HVAC system working efficiently throughout the year is by keeping the area around it clean. Make sure the power is off before you begin, and gently clean any areas that have become noticeably clogged or covered in debris. While it’s easy to clean around the condenser, more intensive cleaning efforts involving the coils or internal hardware should be undertaken by a professional HVAC contractor. Not only will this prevent you from injuring yourself, but it will also prevent you from accidentally damaging the internal workings of your unit.

Invest in Fans 

Whether you decide to invest in a whole-home fan or a few small fans to place around your house, it’s important to have good airflow throughout your home. Even if your air conditioning unit is running optimally, creating good air circulation in your home will add to your home’s comfortability. This is particularly important if you’re using your dryer or oven during the day, as these appliances will increase your home’s temperature by several degrees.

Watch Your Thermostat

Digital thermostats are great, but they’re far from perfect. Closely examine your thermostat — is it located in a small room or near any lamps that are used throughout the day? If so, you should try to close the blinds and move any heat-producing appliances as far away from the thermostat as possible. Your thermostat likely takes the temperature of the room it’s in, and the last thing you want is to pay for more cooling than your home actually needs. Moreover, you’ll be less likely to face expensive air conditioning repairs if your system isn’t constantly working as hard as possible.

Insulate Your Ductwork

Your HVAC system pumps conditioned air through your home’s ductwork, and you could be losing valuable air if the ducts aren’t properly insulated. Though you can often take this project on as a DIY chore, it’s often better to call a professional to inspect your ducts. In addition to fixing any efficiency problems that may be occuring, a professional HVAC contractor will be able to look for other problems like mold or mildew in your ventilation system.

We hope that this post will help you maximize your home’s comfortability this summer. If you’re wondering about the health of your air conditioning system, or if you’re interested in purchasing a new HVAC system for your home, just call the professionals at Pure Air Solutions! We offer a number of flexible financing options that can help you get the air conditioning repair and installation services you need, exactly when you need them. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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