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The Evolution of Furnaces

Did you ever wonder how our ancestors protected themselves from the chilly nights when our modern furnaces are not yet invented? Today, there are more and more engineers and manufacturers pairing up to provide our generation the best and most reliable heating systems that ever existed.

But before that, a leading heating system provider, Pure Air Solutions would like to share important milestones from the past to the present about these heating systems for furnace repair and installation Henderson CO.

  • It was known that approximately 1.5 million years ago that the early humans had begun using campfires inside their caves and shelters. Our ancestors had set-up a central fire and maintained a small opening on their roofs for the smoke to escape.
  • Back in 2500 B.C., it was believed that the early Greeks have used fixed central hearths. In fact, there were excavated evidences in Greece.
  • During the 800 A.D., fireplace heating was popular in Europe. Early fireplaces were made up of stone back then. After that, iron material was used to build fireplaces.
  • In 1300 B.C Middle East, King Arzawa installed in his palace the first ever under the floor heating system.
  • The Romans improved this technology through Sergius Orata. Aside from the heated floor through floor openings, systems were developed which heated walls as well.
  • During the Dark Ages, the science of heating did not advance further.
  • Chimneys were then invented by the Normans.
  • It was in the year 200 when Emperor Heliogabalus’ palace was warmed by air. Warm-air heating became possible when a stove was placed in a brick chamber. Air outside was ducted into the chamber which let the heated air flow through the floor openings of the rooms.
  • In 1795, Oliver Evans published the book The Young Millwright and Miller’s Guide. He illustrated in this book a central hot-air system with ducts leading to individual rooms.
  • In 1796, Benjamin Thompson published Chimney Fireplaces giving more knowledge for fireplace construction.
  • In 1821, Professor Paul Meissner of Vienna Polytechnical Institute in Vienna, Austria published his book on heating using hot air. He explained in this book the laws of heating air.

A lot of developments happened from then on, until in the mid-1920s, heating devices became more efficient and reliable. The art of heating evolved from campfire to the most automatic and most reliable system. This industry has indeed transformed our lives.

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