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Why is My Furnace Not Igniting?

What might be the most alarming thing that can happen to you during winter? If you are thinking about your furnace, then you are right. Spending winter nights with a broken furnace is the most frightening scenario a person may think of. The effects can extend from having frozen pipes to damaged electrical appliances. For worst cases, you and your loved ones would have to fight the freezing cold.

Now before going to a state of panic, if your furnace is not igniting, we advise that the following are to be checked and inspected for furnace installation Broomfield CO :

  • Make sure that your thermostat is on.

The thermostat setting must be switched to “Heat” mode rather than “Cool.” It is the most common mistakes committed. Inspect also the thermostat wirings, and see if there are any cuts or loose wires. Immediately fix the wires, and wrap in electrical tape.

  • Check your filters, and if needed, change them immediately.

Clogged filters cause a furnace to stop working. Dust and dirt are the two main identified enemies of furnaces. They cause the reduction in the efficiency of the furnace or its overheating which in turn damages the furnace to a great extent, thus causing it to shut off.

Filters can last up to three months, but if your home seems to accumulate a lot of dust, change them more frequently. This is to avoid sudden rise in bills and to ensure pure air quality.

  • Make sure the gas is on.

The gas valve might be turned off, so check it properly and turn it on fully. Others partly turn the valve on for security and safety reasons, but this should not be the case.

If none of the stated reasons apply to why your furnace is not working or igniting, do not hesitate to contact experts at pureairsolutionsllc.com or call us at 720-903-1579. We are available anytime to aid you with your furnace concerns.


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