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Does your family argue over who gets to take their shower next each morning, afraid the hot water will run out before everyone has their turn?  Do you wait to turn on the washing machine until the dishwasher has finished running?  Then you may need to consider replacing your existing water heater with a newer model.

Pure Air Solutions can help you with all your water heater needs.  We offer reliable and affordable services and equipment plus professional installers who can remove your old water heater and hook up your new one all in one service visit.

Residential Water Heaters

From convenient tankless heaters to power vented high efficiency models to standard water tank heaters, Pure Air Solutions has the option that is right for your home’s needs.  Enjoy instantly heated water as it flows through the device in the high-power water heaters.  They don’t retain any water internally except for any in the heat exchanger coil.

Copper heat exchangers work well in these units due to their high thermal conductivity and easy fabrication.  Our installation professionals can complete your water heaters installation with a minimum of interruption in water use; then you and your family will no longer run out of hot water when it is needed the most.

Commercial Water Heaters

Whether you have a small mom and pop store or a large commercial organization, we can also assist you with your hot water needs.  Regardless of whether you simply need hot water for restrooms and other conveniences, or your business uses hot water in its daily operation, we have a variety of types of heaters from which to choose.

Both electric and gas units are available as are regular, power vented, high efficiency, and tankless water heaters.  Their sizes include 119 to 125 gallon heaters.

About Us

Pure Air Solutions is a small and growing family owned HVAC company and our customers always come first.   Call today at (720) 903-1579 to arrange your free in home estimate for any of your heating and air conditioning needs.

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