Best practices for your AC unit when leaving on vacation in the summer!

Summer is in full swing and vacations are all planned, whether you are heading out on a jet plane or packing for a road trip. You want to make sure all the loose ends are tied up at home before heading out for summer vacation fun.  There are a couple of things one can do to their ac unit and settings to ensure your home will stay comfortable and efficient while away.

Change your filter

One thing you can do to ensure your ac unit will not break down or clog while away is change your filter.  You should be changing your filter every 3 to 4 months already, but if you have not done so in a while then before you head out of town is a good time to do it.  A clogged filter can jam the ac unit causing it to run more frequently or shut down and off all together. Simple fix to avoid a big problem.

Setting your thermostat

If you are alone and do not own pets turning your AC unit off completely while away on vacation can save you money and any unnecessary breaks while you are away.    IF you own pets, setting your thermostat at an away temperature about 78 degrees is ideally the best temp to leave it on.

There really is no reason to leave your ac unit running while you are gone, unless someone or pets will be staying in your home.  Better yet, if you invest in a smart thermostat you can control the thermostat from your smart phone and dial up or down your ac unit form the palm of your hand.  Overall, turning your ac unit off or up while gone is the most efficient way to manager your ac unit while you are gone.

Cleaning your Furnace and AC unit

Another way to ensure you won’t have any problems while you are away is to get a tune up on both of your units.  Pure Air Solutions can complete a 21-point furnace and ac inspection to cover all the basic working parts in your unit.  An inspection will help keep repair costs down and your unit running smoothly year-round. Any issues that can be caught before they become issues or breakdowns will help your systems run better overall year-round.

Now, go out and have some fun this summer and enjoy your time with your family!  Keep on keeping cool!!

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