The 411 on Heating and Cooling with a Split System Heat Pump

When your home heating system becomes ineffective and old, consider replacing yours with a newer and much more energy efficient model.   Homeowners in the Denver and Boulder areas can receive information on the latest and best in energy efficient and clean air systems from Pure Air Solutions. We can recommend the best units for your needs.  One of the energy efficient models to consider is the split system heat pump.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps work by drawing outside air into the home and warming it.  A split-system heat pump not only draws in outside air to create heated air but also draws heat out of the home’s interior and cools it for air conditioning.

Designed for maximum energy efficiency, a heat pump with a Comfort Control System is technology that helps you lower your total energy use.  This in turn lowers your family’s utility bills.

How Split System Heat Pumps Work

Split system heat pumps are heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems (HVAC) all in one and divided between an indoor unit and an outdoor unit.  These two units are connected by copper piping and run through the house.

The outdoor unit holds a coil that functions as a compressor and heat exchanger.  The indoor unit holds a fan and a coil.  This fan circulates air through the house’s ventilation system.  Freon gas is the coolant  as air passes through the copper piping between both in the indoor unit coil and the outdoor unit coil. Heat, by contrast, is absorbed by the Freon gas from the air.

Installing a New Heat Pump for Your Home

Our growing company offers in home free estimates for new heating systems and can answer all your questions to help you select the unit that best meets your home’s comfort needs.  Call Pure Air Solutions today at (720)-903-1579 to schedule yours.

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