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Many homes are purchasing and installing new smart thermostats that can be installed and operated
from their smart phones or smart devices installed into their home. Heating and Air Conditioning is
definitely heading to the future with many options to choose from. Installing a smart thermostat does
not necessarily mean it is better from it’s older less dynamic counterparts it just means they will offer
the homeowner more control and understanding of their unit and what it is offering them.

There are several things that make a thermostat considered to be a smart thermostat

  • Temperature schedules
  • Remote use via wi-fi
  • Touch screen
  • Voice recognition
  • Email alerts
  • Power and energy saving reports
  • Integration with other smart home devices

1. Nest Thermostat- Probably the most popular, smart thermostat installed in homes today. The
Nest small and sleek design is very user friendly, and easy to install. This thermostat offers a DIY
installation and many energy-saving settings. It is on the higher end of purchasing and is the
most expensive unit to have installed rounding out in the $400.00 range. It is promised to not

2. Ecobee 4 Thermostat with sensors- The Ecobee is a great option for those that do not prefer the
look of the nest or like more manual options. The Ecobee can incorporate intelligent options
such as using the cool air outside to cool the inside air when conditions apply. It can also
integrate with Alexa. The Ecobee is creeping its way up to the Nest but is still a very valuable
smart thermostat to install in your home today rounding out at about $300.00.

3. Honeywell smart Wi-Fi color Touch thermostat- This thermostat is very affordable but also
comes with additional instructions that can take away from the DIY experience. It is extremely
energy saving but needs a c-wire because it does not have an on-board battery. It is smart
enough to adjust it’s on and off settings based on how long it takes your home to warm up and
cool down. Price point installed is about $200.00.

All in all, all thermostats offer attractive qualities and options for every savvy customer today that is
trying to acquire a smart home in today’s changing tech savvy world. Pure Air Solutions is happy to
install and sell any one of these thermostats on the market. Give us a call for your thermostat upgrade